MD Devices, Inc.

Independent Medical Sales Representatives

Radionics RFG-3C+ RF Generator Products

Contact MD Devices for Radionics RFG-3C+ RF generator support and products.  We provide radio frequency electrodes, rf cannula, and ground pads to Radionics RF Generator users worldwide.

Nitinol RF electrodes for Neurotherm Nt1000 RF generators

MD Devices has flexible nitinol RF electrodes for your Neurotherm Nt500 and Nt1000 RF generator.  The nitinol rf electrode pricing is equal to the pricing of Neurotherm’s stainless steel radiofrequency electrodes.  Contact us for details.

RF Cannula for Stryker MultiGen RF Generator

Free radiofrequency needle cannula samples for clinical evaluation available for single lesion or Stryker MultiGen RF generator.  Contact us with your requests at

Stryker Part Number


406-830-115  or  406-630-115
RFK-C101020S-P 406-830-125  or  406-630-125


406-830-215  or  406-630-215


406-830-225  or  406-630-225

SI Joint RF Research

Cosman and University of Massachusetts SI Joint RF research is online at and

Cosman and Gonzalez, 2010. SI Joint RF Research