Virtual Healthcare

Digital pathways for deep patient engagement.

  • Faster treatment response times
  • Increase revenue
  • Improve plan of care compliance
  • No cost to patients
  • No onboarding required of staff
  • Your care plan

Radiation Protection

Radiation safety products made in USA

  • Custom Lead Aprons
  • C-arm table Skirts
  • Leaded Glasses
  • X-ray Barriers


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MD Devices is a proactive medical solutions provider ranging from medical supplies, capital medical equipment, and  virtual healthcare systems to healthcare systems, ambulatory surgery centers, and outpatient procedure centers. Our dedicated team and leading supply chain partners working together deliver advanced medical products with superior specifications for superior clinical and workflow outcomes.

Dedicated to bringing you the best medical solutions

What Customers Say

“Hi guys! Happy Holidays! We have expanded our office and i am in need of same items we had ordered from you a few years back.”  Thank you again

Shannon S. RN.

Clinical Manager, Premier Pain & Spine

“Dave, We all want to thank you very much for working with us to get the Logiq e for Tanzania. It was very welcomed and much needed at Dareda Hospital.

Susie H, RN.

Mercy Regional Medical Center

“We appreciate your thorough and professional communication during our urology table evaluation”

Jody W. RN.

Clinic Manager

Medical Equipment Info

Imaging Tables – C-arm Tables

Imaging Tables – C-arm Tables

Imaging Tables for Pain Management. Imaging Tables for pain management are described based on their designs, pricing, electrical specifications, and warranties.  A quick comparison chart to review the main specifications, c-arm table table top configurations, and...

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Pain Management RF Generator Review

Pain Management RF Generator Review

RF Pain Management RF Generator Companies & Models Pain Management RF generators and companies have gone through some significant changes since year 2000 when Radionics, Inc. was sold with 98% market share.  Therefore, this article will focus on pain management RF...

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