Cysto Surgical Table – HLTE

Cysto Surgical Tables from MD Devices including Biodex urology c-arm tables with superior specifications, the industry’s longest warranties, and price guarantees.  Cysto tables from MD Devices provides the most advanced features for c-arm medical imaging procedures.  Urology c-arm tables are designed to be easy to operate, provide clearest images, and are the safest for the patient and staff.


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Cysto Surgical Table | 8000HLTE

Cysto Surgical Table model number 8000HLTE is a dedicated mobile urology c-arm table, but can be used for vascular, pain management, orthopedic and most other cases requiring a C-Arm

Cysto Surgical Table Movements:

  • 27"-45" Height - Delivers the market's lowest height and widest movement range that will deliver a safer table for patient and staff
  • 15 Degree Lateral Tilt
  • Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg
  • 16" Extend-Retract

Cysto Surgical Table included accessories:

  • O.R. accessory rails
  • Disposable drain bag holder
  • 24" carbon fiber radiolucent extension / patient transfer board
  • Patient pad 2" thick with 3 restraints
  • Hand held controller (wired) - controls all movements
  • Hospital Grade Foot control - controls all movements
  • (4) Heavy duty, non-marking, locking casters
Weight 900 lbs
Urology C-arm Table Options

None(0.00), Manual Knee Crutches(+1,295.00), Refurb Blue Fin Knee Crutches(+4,950.00), 28"x28" lead scatter shield(+525.00), Extra Long Patient Straps(+95.00), Extra Long Power Cord(+95.00), Fluoro Extension(+1,595.00)