RF Needles for Cosman

RF needles for Cosman RFG-1B and Cosman G4 RF generators.  RF cannula are available in curved or straight with either teflon or siliconized insulation.

Radiofrequency cannula are indicated for use in RF heat lesion procedures within in the field pain management.  Applications for Curved RF Cannula include RF lesions at the medial branch of spinal nerves, dorsal root ganglia, sympathetic nerves, and interdiscal nerves; both for continuous RF and pulsed RF lesions. RF cannula are available in a wide variety of standard lengths, active tips sizes, and gauges.  RF cannula are designed with radiolucent hubs with no-slip features for increased tactile sensitivity and for superior C-arm visualization.The RF cannula have a curved distal shape that reduces steering force through tissue for precise and efficient targeting. The curve also enables laying the curved tip along the medial branch or alternatively at a more oblique angle to the medial branch, depending on desired targeting approach.
RF Needles - Curved

10cm/10mm active tip/20 gauge-siliconized, 10cm/10mm active tip/18gauge-siliconized, 15cm/10mm active tip/20 gauge-siliconized, 15cm/10mm active tip/18 gauge-siliconized, 5cm/4mm active tip/22 gauge, 5cm/6mm active tip/16 gauge, 5cm/10mm active tip/16gauge, 10cm/5mm active tip/22 gauge, 10cm/10mm active tip/22 gauge, 10cm/5mm active tip/20 gauge, 10cm/10mm active tip/20 gauge, 10cm/5mm active tip/18 gauge, 10cm/10mm active tip/18 gauge, 15cm/5mm active tip/20 gauge, 15cm/10mm active tip/20 gauge, 15cm/15mm active tip/20 gauge, 15cm/5mm active tip/18 gauge, 15cm/10mm active tip/18 gauge

RF Needles for Cosman

RF Needles for Cosman RF Generators that are sharper, smoother and at lower cost


  • This listing at $0.00 is for (2-4) individual RF needles for evaluation.
  • 510(k) clearance
  • CE 0413 marking
  • Packaged 25 needles per box
  • Gauges: 16, 18, 20, 21, 22
  • Lengths: 5cm, 10cm, 15cm, & 20cm
  • Active Tip Lengths: 4mm, 5mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm
  • Superior 304 stainless steel construction
  • Double heat shielded insulation
  • Highest quality RF cannula
  • Curved cannula – Straight cannula
  • Teflon and siliconized insulation
  • Sharp and Blunt tips


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