Urology Operating Tables

Urology Operating Tables

Urology operating tables and Imaging tables including Biodex c-arms tables have superior specifications, the industry’s longest warranties, and price guarantees.    MD Devices provides the most advanced imaging tables for c-arm and ultrasound medical imaging procedures.  Imaging tables from our company are designed to be easy to operate, provide the clearest images, and provide the safest operating table platform for the patient and staff.

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Urology Operating Tables | HLE

Urology operating tables are dedicated mobile urology c-arm table, but can be used for vascular, pain management, orthopedic and most other procedures requiring a C-Arm

  • Urology operating Table with the Highest Weight Capacity! 650 lbs patient weight capacity (without extension)
  • C-arm Table with the Largest Metal Free Area! 58" carbon fiber tabletop (80" total with extension)
  • Table support base rear-mounted to allow unencumbered C-Arm movement
  • Urology Operating Table with the Longest Warranty! 24 months from date of acceptance
  • Upgradeable: Any movement can be added onsite at a later date

Urology Operating Table - HLE movements

  • 27"-45" Height - Delivers the market's lowest height and widest movement range that will deliver a safer table for patient and staff
  • 15 degree Lateral Tilt
  • 16" Extend-Retract
  • Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg

Included Accessories:

  • O.R. accessory rails
  • Disposable drain bag holder
  • 24" carbon fiber radiolucent extension / patient transfer board
  • Patient pad 2" thick with 3 restraints
  • Hand held controller (wired) - controls all movements
  • Hospital Grade Foot control - controls all movements
  • (4) Heavy duty, non-marking, locking casters
Weight 900 lbs

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