Pain Management C-arm Tables

Pain management C-arm tables are described based on their designs, pricing, electrical specifications, and warranties.  A quick comparison chart to review the main specifications, c-arm table table top configurations, and imaging table warranties.    C-arm Tables include Biodex Medical, Surgical Tables Inc.(STI), the PMT Series, Medstone, Morgan MEDesign, Oakworks Medical C-arm Tables.   

Here are a few factors to consider for pain management c-arm tables 

1. What is the table weight capacity and where is the table weight capacity determined?  The highest weight capacity is 650lbs cantilevered with most tables being 500 distributed.  Distributed weight capacity signifies weight over the entire table top surface. Cantilevered weight capacity is determined at the head or end of the table.  

2. Will the patients need a step stool to transfer to the pain management c-arm table?  Some c-arm tables design do not allow a safe transfer requiring steps stools which are unstable and potentially dangerous.

3. What is the warranty on the electrical components and motors?  Some companies only provide 1-2 years on the most expensive items that are prone to fail.  They cover the metal framework for longer durations but the costly items that wear are covered by much shorter warranties. 

 4. Are there multiple choices of table top shapes?  The PMT Series is the only table providing choices of table tops to meet clinical and physician preferences.  

5. Are the wheels hospital grade? Wheels enclosed in metal frames that are non-marking that easily roll should be expected.  


Weight Capacity Metal free Area Height Adjustment range Lowest Minimum Height Table tops options Foot control included Pad Thickness Warranty
Biodex 500lbs 70″ 8″-10″ 29″ 1 @ 24″x97″ square shape No 2″ 2 years
8000 Series 650lbs 56″ 18″ 22″ 4 X 22 or 24″ square or cervical shape No 2″ 50 months parts/labor
Medstone 500lbs 56″ 12″ 22″ 2 @ 22″x 80″ cervical shape No 2″ 3 years
Morgan 400lbs 48″ 8″ 28″ 1 @ 24″X 80″ square shape No 2″ 3 years
Oakworks 500lbs 56″ 18″ 26″ 1 @ 24″x 80″square shape No 1″ 3 year parts/2 year labor
Surgical Tables Inc, (STI) 500lbs 56″ 10″ 28″ 1 @ 24″x 80″ square shape No 2″ 4 metal / 1 year electric