Lead Aprons with Back Relief

Lead Aprons

Lead aprons provides front coverage and transfers the weight of the apron to the hips with the aid of a 6″ bonded elastic belt (see features of the back relief belt.

  • Protection: 0.50mm front
  • Closures: Velcro and quick release buckle
  • Standard Features: Double padded shoulders for maximum comfort, chest pocket,
  • Apron Weights (varies with size and materials): ProLite Supreme (13-14#), T-Lite (16-17#), Standard Lead (21-22#)

Custom sizing is available: Please contact us for custom sizing and pricing.  Custom sizing charges are generally $10/inch over the standard large length and width sizing.


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Lead Aprons

Lead Apron with back relief for comfort while maintaining maximum x-ray protection. They are designed to transfer the weight of the apron from the shoulders to the hips utilizing a back relief belt. The unique padded belt system is constructed with a bonded elasticized panel that will not lose its shape. The back relief apron provides increased comfort and back support throughout the life of the apron. Included Options:

  1. Thyroid Collar
  2. Embroidery
  3. Pocket
  4. Print fabrics

Included Add-ons:

  1. Backstrap - A thick velcro strap found on the back of an apron, usually a frontal protection apron, which secures one shoulder area to the other. A backstrap provides a secure, comfortable fit by not allowing the apron to slip on your

Custom Add-ons

  1. Axillary Wings - Axillary wings can be added on to your aprons' armpit area. Wings are especially important for women to cover breast tissue that resides in their upper chest/armpit area.
  2. Side Extensions - The side extensions add-on increases a front protection apron's coverage around your hips. The apron is widened around the leg/hip area to provide additional lateral protection from x-ray exposure.
  3. Model - AP-BR
  4. Protection Coverage - Front Protection
  5. Closure - Buckle (belt)
  6. CE Marked
  7. Time to Ship - 2 - 4 weeks
Weight 15 lbs

Female, Male

Apron Sizes

X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large(+100.00), XXL (+100.00), XXXL ($150.00), Custom

Core Material

Standard Lead .50mm LE, UltralightLead .50mm LE(+170.00), Lead Free .50mm LE(+210.00), Premier(+335.00), Bilayermaterial-IEC(+335.00)

Fabric Color

Nylon – Black #100, Nylon – Burgundy #102, Nylon – Forest Green #104, Nylon – Gray #106, Nylon – Green #108, Nylon – Hot Pink #110, Nylon – Light Royal #112, Nylon – Navy #116, Nylon – Neon Green #118, Nylon – Orange #120, Nylon – Purple #122, Nylon – Red #126, Nylon – Rose #128, Nylon – Royal #130, Nylon – Tan #132, Nylon – Light Teal #134, Nylon – Yellow #138, Ripstop – Black #200, Ripstop – Brown #202, Ripstop – Burgundy #204, Ripstop – Chocolate #206, Ripstop – Forest Green #208, Ripstop – Green #210, Ripstop – Navy #212, Ripstop – Purple #214, Ripstop – Red #216, Ripstop – Royal Blue #218, Nylon – Tan #132


None, Above Pocket, On Pocket

Embroidery Color

None, Black, Brown, Burgundy, Chocolate, Forest Green, Grey, Green, Hot Pink, Light Royal, Navy, Orange, Purpose, Red, Royal, Silver, Tan, Teal

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