RF Needles for Abbott Medical

RF needles for Neurotherm Abbott Medical pain management radiofrequency (RF) generators.  RF needles from MD Devices are available in curved or straight with either teflon or siliconized insulation that are double heat sealed for the smoothest and safest insulation available.  RF cannula are compatible with Neurotherm stainless steel, nitinol and disposable RF electrodes.

We convert facilities based on quality, rapid service, RF needle expertise, and the significant cost savings we provide on RF cannula.  We guarantee to provide you with quality products at a significant cost savings and would like the opportunity to demonstrate the RF products to you with no charge RF cannula samples. 
RF Cannula - Curved

10cm/10mm active tip/20 gauge, 10cm/10mm active tip/18gauge, 15cm/10mm active tip/20 gauge, 15cm/10mm active tip/18 gauge, 5cm/4mm active tip/22 gauge, 10cm/5mm active tip/22 gauge, 10cm/10mm active tip/22 gauge, 10cm/5mm active tip/20 gauge, 10cm/5mm active tip/18 gauge, 15cm/5mm active tip/20 gauge, 20G x 15cm x 15mm Active Tip, Sharp RF Needle, No Echogenic Tip & Lub, Curved, Yellow Cap 25/box, 15cm/5mm active tip/18 gauge

RF Needles for Abbott Medical

RF Needles for Abbott Medical that are sharper, smoother and at lower cost.

RF needles for Abbott Medical pain management RF generators.  RF cannula from MD Devices are sharp and smooth with tapered insulation tip transition that is double heat sealed for maximum patient safety and comfort.  Patient safety and comfort are #1 priority for RF cannula in curved or straight and with either teflon or siliconized insulation.


  • Listing at $0.00 is for (2) sterile samples at no charge.
  • Factory Direct Cost Savings!
  • Needles are packaged 25 needles per box
  • 510K and CE marked
  • Highest quality (304) stainless steel
  • Straight and Curved cannula options
  • Teflon and siliconized insulations
  • Superior sharpening for reduced force
  • Double Heat Shielded Insulation


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