Wall Mounted Lead Apron Rack

The wall mount lead apron rack swing right is a convenient and a space-saving unit that protects lead aprons through careful storage between radiology usage.  Lead apron racks features hooks for easily hanging lead skirts.  This lead apron rack holds 5 aprons and swings left.  You can mount the Right and Left models side-by-side for a 10 lead apron rack  The base plate dimensions are 5-7/8 x 8-1/8”.  Space required for single wall mounted lead apron rack is 27-1/2” wide.  Shown with right and left models.  Many of our racks our shown yearly at RSNA

Weight20 lbs

Wall Mounted Lead Apron Rack

Wall Mounted Lead Apron Rack

Wall mount lead apron rack is convenient and space-saving hanger unit that protects lead radiation protection garments and prolongs their life through careful storage between usage.  Wall mounted lead apron racks features new hooks for easily hanging lead skirts.  Hang the two models side by side for a 10-hanger wall console unit.  Size single unit base plate 5-7/8 x 8-1/8”Space required for single unit: An area approximately 27-1/2” (70cm) wide.  Let us know if you are going to be at RSNA


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