Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote patient monitoring services to maximize clinical and practice effectiveness.  Wearable activity trackers and telemedicine solutions to increase your workflow, enhance your patient care, and increase your practice revenue for your practice. 

We provide HIPAA compliant remote patient monitoring solutions that are easy to implement and manage for your patients, staff, and practice.  

US based patient care coordinators insure every aspect of your care plan is followed.  They communicate regularly with patients helping them maintain your plan of care for enhanced patient care and maximum reimbursement. 

  • Increase patient satisfaction
  • Increase practice profits
  • Reduce practice costs
  • Maximize staff efficiency
  • Enhance the quality of life for your patients, staff, & practice.
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Remote Patient Monitoring Services

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Predictive Medicine

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Your Care Plan

US based patient care coordinators monitor your plan of care

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Easy Integration

HIPPA compliant, preprogrammed, ready to use

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Better Monitoring

Maintained for compliance to CMS guidelines.

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Faster Intervention

Immediate response to events that fall outside your guidelines. 

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Increase Profits

Virtual healthcare is profitable under CMS guidelines

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Staff Love RPM

No on-boarding required of your staff.  Freeing them to treat onsite patients.

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Satisfied Patients

Less travel, better monitoring, better patient engagement. 

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Better Data

Better data for better outcomes 

Remote Patient Monitoring Devices


Pulse Oximeter

Seamless Integrations



No AI bots. Only live support


Blood Pressure

Easy reporting 


Digital Scale

 Instantly uploaded.

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