Mobile urology c-arm table companies design tables to provide the clearest image quality for a mobile OR environment while simultaneously increasing staff and c-arm access to deliver the highest possible patient care. Therefore, the urology c-arm tables in this review will not include OR surgical tables that contain metal  within the imaging radiolucent area.    

We understand the difficulty product comparing medical equipment and devices.  The purpose of this review is to provide a understanding of the urology c-arm table companies and their table’s features and specifications.  A comprehensive c-arm table comparison chart is also available below.  And many of the tables discussed here will be displayed at RSNA.

Biodex Medical Systems

Biodex Urology C-arm tables are available in three models, which are the 800, 810, and 820.  Biodex is the only company with Fowler back positioning that adjusts 20°, 30°, 40°, 50°, 60°, 70° and 80° with touch-handle lock/unlock mechanism.  Biodex’s “Level” feature returns the c-arm table to 0° tilt and 0° lateral roll, bringing the table quickly to a level position. Both the hand and foot controllers can be used for motorized X-Y positioning of the tabletop.  Biodex provides redundant power with 120 volt and battery system.

Biodex 800 Urology C-arm Table

Biodex 800 is engineered for image guided urology procedures for either portable or ceiling mounted c-arm systems. The 800 c-arm table includes a lightweight patient transfer extension and a radiolucent extension.

Biodex 810 Brachytherapy C-arm Table

A Biodex 810 is a 5 movement, compact, and easy to move c-arm table designed for seed implantation procedures and ideally suited for swing OR use. The Biodex 810 Brachytherapy urology C-arm table includes a radiolucent extension that provides capability for brachytherapy treatment involving the upper body and general C-Arm applications and a lightweight non-imaging patient transfer extension. The optional Cassette Tray and X-ray Grid allow for use of overhead or portable x-ray.

Biodex 820 Urologic C-arm Table

The Biodex 820 Urology table was designed for the use of 3D C-arm systems and for seed implantation. The 820 c-arm table can also be utilized for thoracic/vascular, pain management and other general C-Arm procedural requirements. Brachytherapy and 3D Urology c-arm imaging procedures are best utilized with the Biodex 820 C-arm table.

The table features motorized actuation of height, X-Y, lateral roll and Trendelenburg motions of the tabletop. The hand-held and foot-operated controllers can be positioned for access from any point around the table and ensure quick and safe tabletop positioning during any phase of a procedure.

The table comes equipped with a lightweight, non-imaging patient transfer extension and a radiolucent extension.  A standard OR accessory rail located at the foot end of the table makes stepper positioning quick and easy.

Imaging Diagnostics, Inc. (IDI)

IDI has 2 urology c-arm tables available. The Aspect 100US is a single movement table designed for the (HSG) hysterosalpingogram

and gyn/fertility specialty that provides a 450lbs weight capacity.

Aspect 1000UC Plus urology c-arm tables has a 525lbs weight capacity with a removable X-ray cassette tray and is battery or AC powered

The 1000US Plus is IDI’S top of the line table with 4 movements. Other companies discussed here have a 5 movement c-arm table functionality in their top of the line models.

Morgan MEDesign EXLT-UP-MP

THE MORAGN EXLT-UP-MP is a 4-motion C-arm table with a 500lbs weight capacity.  With a large footprint and overall weight of 1,250lbs your room size is a consideration with the Morgan EXLT-UP-MP. The minimum height of 32” with 8”” height range and the foot control as an option on this urology c-arm table are a couple of considerations that eliminate it from consideration for many.

Oakworks Medical C-arm Tables

Oakworks Medical C-arm Tables origins are in the in physical medicine space with the expansion into the c-arm table business in the early 2000s . Claiming “The highest weight capacity” at 500lbs on their c-arm tables. We feel they should update their site due to the fact that all the tables have a 500lbs capacity and the 8000 Series has a 650lbs capacity. Maximum of 4 motions, a 1” patient pad, and the limited warranty are just a couple of points to consider when reviewing the Oakworks urology c-arm tables.

Oakworks C-arm Table CFUR301

Oakworks 3 powered motion c-arm table includes height, trendelenburg, and longitudinal travel. This c-arm table arrives with one end extension and 2 lateral extensions, a 1” foam pad, and standard 500lbs weight capacity.

Oakworks CFLU401 Lithotripsy C-arm Table

The recessed table shape of the Oakworks CFLU401 is designed to operate with most lithotripters and C-arms. Oakworks provides 2 end and 4 lateral extensions to configure the table to your needs.

URO 8000 Urology C-arm Table

The URO 8000 benefits include the highest weight capacity at 650 lbs and the lowest profile base that provides the most physician legroom and c-arm access. Along with a comprehensive warranty, the most movements options available and the ability to upgrade onsite Durabuilt designed a builds a table for larger patients in a smaller package, that is easier to move. The 8000 Series can be reviewed in detail here 8000 Series

Surgical Tables, Inc. (STI)

Surgical Tables, Inc. Uro-Max Series of urology c-arm tables are available in 5 models that are designated by their movements – Models Uro-Max 1-5.  The STI table electrical architecture is protected by a bellows covering their base components, which is a cleaning and c-arm access consideration.  The STI Uro-Max 5 provides a 500lbs weight capacity, but ranks near the heaviest of tables at 840lbs which is a movement consideration.

Urology C-arm Table Comparison Chart

ManufacturerWeight capacityTable DimensionsRadiolucent Imaging Area# of MovementsExtension dimensionsWarrantyMin/Max heighttable weightFt & hand Contol IncldPad thicknessCassette capablecaster sizeIncl Knee Crutches
Biodex 800500 lbs84″ L x 25. 5″ W54″ L x 17.5″ W4 plus fowler31″ L x 25.5″ W24 months comprehensive34″ – 43.5″877 lbsYes – Plastic foot2″Y5″N
Biodex 810500 lbs84″ L x 25. 5″ W54″ L x 17.5″ W4 plus fowler31″L x 25.5W24 months comprehensive34″ – 43. 5″877 lbsYes – Plastic foot2″Y5″N
Biodex 820500 lbs103.7″ L x 26″   W51.5″L X 24″ W5 plus fowler29″ x 22.5″W & 18.2″L x 24″W Head24 months comprehensive34″ – 44″542lbsYes – Plastic foot2″Y5″N
IDI Aspect UC525lbs 20″x25″ & 34″x24″ extension434″ L x 24″ W3 years parts / 1 year service31.3″ – 41.1″ – 4 movements575lbsYes2″Y5″N
IDI Aspect 100US425lbs 46″ x 24″4N/A3 years parts /1 year service26″-38″375lbsFoot control1″N5″Y
Oakworks500lbs / 200 lbs extensions 53″ L x 23″ W          
Oakworks CFUR301500lbs / 200 lbs extensions  428″ L x 23″ W3 years parts/ 2 years service25.5″ – 43.5″568lbsNo-Hand1″N4″N
Oakworks CFUR401500lbs / 200 lbs extensions  428″ L x 23″ W3 years parts / 2 years service26.5″ – 44. 5″590lbsNo-Hand1″N4″N
Oakworks CFLU401500lbs / 200 lbs extensions47″L X 23″ W19″ W x 23.5″ L428″ L x 23″ W3 years parts 2 years service27.5″ to 45.5″618lbsNo-Hand1″N5″N
OR URO 8000 Series             
URO 8000H650 lbs56″ L x 24″ W 124″L x 24″ W24 months comprehensive27″- 45″ Yes-Metal foot2″N5″N
URO 8000HL650 lbs56″ L x 24″ W 224″L x 24″ W24 months comprehensive27″- 45″ Yes-Metal foot2″N5″N
URO 800HLT650 lbs56″ L x 24″ W 324″L x 24″ W24 months comprehensive24.6″ – 42.5″ Yes-Metal foot2″N5″N
URO 8000HLTE650 lbs56″ L x 24″ W 424″L x 24″ W24 months comprehensive27″- 45″ Yes-Metal foot2″N5″N
Uro 8000HLTES650 lbs56″ L x 24″ W 524″L x 24″ W24 months comprehensive27″- 45″ – Yes-Metal foot2″N5″N
Morgan MedDesign500lbs132″ x 29″ w extensions77″ L X 20″W with extension1 thru 4233 years parts/2 years service32″-40″1,250lbsNo2″No5″ 
Surgical Tables Inc.             
Uro-Max 1500lbs55″ L x 24″ W27″ L x 24″W1 movement29″ L x 24″ W4 years frame/1 year electrical28″ – 38″520 lbsYes – Plastic foot2″N5″N
Uro-Max 2500lbs55″L x 24″ W25″ / 53″ with extension2 movements29″ L x 24″ W4 years frame/1 year electrical28″-38″550 lbsYes – Plastic foot2″N5″N
Uro-Max 3500lbs55″ L x 24″ W25″ / 53″ with extension3 movements29″ L x 24″ W4 years frame/1 year electrical29″ – 41″580 lbsYes – Plastic foot2″N5″N
Uro-Max 4500lbs55″ L x 24″ W25″ / 53″ with extension4 movements29″ L x 24″ W4 years frame/1 year electrical30″ – 40″740lbsYes – Plastic foot2″N5″N
Uro-Max 5500lbs55″ L x 24″ W25″ / 53″ with extension5 movements29″ L x 24″ W4 years frame/1 year electrical32″ – 42″840lbsYes – Plastic foot2″N5″N