Ultrasound Needles

  • Ultrasound needle
  • 20-25 gauge
  • 2"-6"
  • More and smaller dimple reflectors create a clearer, more defined image.
  • Dimple design reduces presence of acoustic shadowing and haloing.
  • Dimpled right up to the apex, so physicians can see precisely where the tip is.
  • Uniform dimples around needle provide clarity from any angle.

Ultrasound Needles

Ultrasound Needles

 BD and B. Braun versions but with superior clarity

Ultrasound needles with patented marking for superior MSK ultrasound guidance and visualization.  Study shows superior images when compared to B. Braun and BD.  If you notice on other company’s their marking does not extend to the tip where it is most critical.  Compare your current MSK needles to the patented marking process that allows complete marking to the tip.  Contact MD Devices for no charge samples and experience improved tip clarity and placements.


  • MSK Injection Needles with and w/out  injection tubeset
  • 510(k) clearance
  • 20-25 gauge
  • 2″-6″
  • ISO 80369-6 (NRFit®) compliant hubs
  • Echogenic or non-echogenic
  • B bevel
  • Uses the highest tensile strength 304 stainless steel
  • Spectra Guide® technology for clarity, precision and safety under guided ultrasound procedures
  • Single use, disposable


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